About us

At The Search, you’ll find committed, experienced consultants, interesting job opportunities, expert career advice, and results-oriented coaching. Asking questions and listening are the foundations of everything we do. That engagement and intuition are invaluable resources when you’re looking for the perfect match, fantastic training/coaching, or sound advice. But a decisive, responsible perspective and a proactive approach mean we get the job done and get you the results you’re looking for.

We love meeting new and interesting people. Our genuine interested in what drives people puts them quickly at ease, and we can build a community of people whose knowledge, skills, and attitude complement each other.

Empowering organisations with talent.

“La Search focuses on candidates who work and think at an academic level with a clear ambition and determination.”

About Sandra Lemmens

Sandra Lemmens is the founder of The Search. After graduating with a degree in economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, she focused on people and everything that moves them. After a fantastic career in recruitment at several leading corporates, and driven by her results-oriented focus and enterprising attitude, in 2007, she decided to start her own recruitment and human resources consultancy: The Search.

Running her own business has allowed her to work from her core values – courage, passion, and individuality – and they’re at the very heart of her approach. She is a respected professional in her field and has a knack for connecting with both clients and candidates.

Investing in personal contact is what Sandra is all about – meeting up, getting to know each other and bouncing ideas off each other. She’s an expert in thinking outside the box of work experience and education, looking at the person and their skills – thinking in possibilities. She looks at change and charts a new course instead of using the past as an immovable guideline.

Clients describe her as a valuable advisor, talent manager, and sounding board whose approach is focused on passion, professionalism, and fun while providing tailored solutions and deep engagement.