Application training

Plenty of people dread going to job interviews. It feels like an exam. You have to peak at just the right moment, and that’s a recipe for tension and uncertainty. Proper preparation can eliminate most of that uncertainty. Our coaches at The Search would love to help you prepare, with a good cover letter, an up-to-date CV, and practice interviews where you’ll receive objective feedback and helpful advice. Our application training helps you take a good look in the mirror when it comes to your career. Our individual approach will help you walk into your next interview brimming with self-confidence.

sollicitatie training

The Search’s job search training course teaches you things like:

  • Communicating exactly what traits, skills and knowledge you possess

  • Identifying the organisation that’s the best fit for you and why

  • Writing a good cover letter and a tailored CV

  • Using social media to apply for jobs

  • Communicating your skills effectively in conversation

  • Acting professionally during an interview

  • Techniques to help you avoid freezing or appearing insecure during a job interview

What are people saying?

Constructive feedback, humour, objective and innovative

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