We believe the best solutions are found together. Whether you need a permanent position, an interim assignment, advice, training or coaching. With our professionals’ individualised attention and expertise, we can always provide an outstanding tailored solution –  a solution that always goes the extra mile to make a lasting contribution to our clients’ goals. We’ve been using our expertise to make the difference for our clients since 2007.

Our services


Recruitment services for professional, midlevel and senior management, and director-level positions. Making the difference in the right role.

sollicitatie training

Application Training

Interview stress? The art of getting hired.


Recruitment partner

Recruit in house or outsource? You don’t have to choose. Expert and effective.

Interim management

Need some temporary expertise? Targeted expertise at multiple levels. HR, Recruitment, Sales, Technology, Operations, IT, and Finance.



 It’s never too late to become what you wanted to be. Change is inevitable, development is a choice.


Professional advice on recruitment issues. Inclusion & diversity, candidate experience, referral programmes and employer branding, analytics, and ATS.